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WaterWell™ Waterers are lower profile than others on the market to enable access for livestock of all sizes. *
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Reliable fresh water supply all year round to your valuable livestock
Durable design to withstand even the harshest conditions
Energy-free units are covered to reduce evaporation in the summer and freezing in the winter
Replenishes water often to discourage algae growth and mosquito breeding
Easy to access, clean, and maintain
Reduces waste – effective management of your water resource
The seals, the internal baffles, and how the lid is secured to the bottom of the tank have all been specially engineered to prevent freezing. The float reservoir lids are also sloped so rain runs right off. This prevents water from pooling around the edges and freezing. These Waterers are filled with solid foam insulation and entirely sealed. They will stay ice free in extreme temperatures for much longer than open troughs.
These Waterers meet all state minimum water capacity requirements but at a lower profile, to ensure water is replenished more often. This keeps water fresher and colder in the summer and warmer and free of ice in the winter. The lower profile also enables comfortable access for livestock of all sizes.
All of the plastics in these waterers have been UV stabilized for long term outdoor use in harsh weather conditions
These waterers are constructed from impact resistant materials, so even in temperatures as extreme as -40˚F, they withstand the toughest abuse from livestock.
The tank tops can be removed without tools, for quick and easy maintenance access. The large eyebolt fasteners provide an easy grip with cold hands or gloves. Once loosened, they swing down on a horizontal bar – staying connected to the Waterer’s base, conveniently ready for you when it comes time to close the lid.
Inside, the Waterers feature quality brass fittings for strength, reliability, and longevity. The cut-off switch is easily accessed to stop water supply quickly.
The unique “V” corner anchor bolt design is more forgiving of measurement errors that may happen during installation.
The waterers feature insulated and securely sealed drain plugs. A large grip and thread makes it easy to twist open or closed even in cold temperatures. The internal reservoirs are slightly sloped towards these large openings, ensuring fast water drainage – great for when it comes time for maintaining/cleaning your Waterer.
8 year warranty

WaterWell™ Waterers are lower profile than others on the market to enable access for livestock of all sizes. The flotation balls act as a visual water level cue. If they can be seen from a distance, there is adequate water within. The balls also help to seal the Waterer in the summer to reduce evaporation and keep the unit dark. This virtually eliminates algae growth. Livestock quickly learn to push the balls down to access the fresh water beneath. The ball opening is purposely made larger to comfortably accommodate the muzzle of even the largest animals. The flotation balls also help with water temperature control. Select white balls for the summer months to reflect the heat, and black balls, which absorb sunlight, help to keep the water a little warmer in the winter. The black balls are also more visible in the snow. Inside, the float is square, which provides a greater flat surface area to encourage full water shut off once the desired water level is reached. The float arm allows you to easily adjust your water level. Keep the level high in the summer to meet increased livestock demand, then lower the level during winter, to prevent the flotation balls from freezing in the lid.

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Weight250.00 lbs

2 Ball Waterer, 4 Ball Waterer