Tri Will Burrow Retrofit Kit


HUGE SPRING SALE! Great Mother or Fathers day Gift.  Give your old wheelbarrow some KICK! No more lifting or tip overs, you can simply push the wheel barrow with one hand loaded.  Great idea for making chores easier.  Fits any standard wood handled single or double front wheel wheelbarrow.

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Innovative kit turns your single wheel or double wheel wheelbarrow into a 3 or 4 wheel cart.  Eliminates lifting, back strain, tip overs.  Simply push a fully loaded wheelbarrow with just on hand!

  • Designed to modify any single or double front wheel wheelbarrow into a Tri-Wheelbarrow
  • Kit comes pre-assembled for 10 minute installation.
  • Can be pushed with just one hand.
  • Eliminates lifting and tip over.
  • Back problems – Try Me!
  • Great for Farm, Ranch, Gardening, Construction, Professional
  • Satisfaction Guarantee and Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Kit includes: Brake – 2 Wheels – Undercarriage – Handle
  • Works on all wooden handled wheel barrows
  • will work on single or two front wheel wheel barrows with wooden handles