Squeeze Chute SC13


This Priefert Chute is bigger, heavier and has more features than any other chute on the market!  This chute offers all the bells and whistles todays cattle producers demand and makes life “easy on the cow…easy on the cowboy”!

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Priefert Squeeze Chute Model SC13

Product Features

  • Length: 102″, Width: 59″, Height 80.38″, Weight 1400lbs
  • NEW: HG10 Manual/Automatic Headgate is taller and wider than our other headgates with easier to use automatic setting features.
  • IMPROVED: Automatic Headgate Engage lever sets the width for the automatic headgate catch and releases as the cow enters.
  • NEW: Automatic Headgate Locking Pin allows you to easily engage/disengage the automatic headgate with the push pin lock.
  • IMPROVED: Side Squeeze lever slides forward and locks into an upward position clearing obstruction for neck access.
  • IMPROVED: Side Exit Return lever has been moved to the top of the chute frame to prevent forklift damage during transport.
  • NEW: Tailgate Locking Pin locks the left tailgate in plae for working calves.
  • NEW: Rolling Split Tailgate offers a smooth opening tailgate that rolls on 4 ball-bearing apple core rollers.  The right and left tailgate open simultaneously or with a simple push of the new Tailgate Locking Pin, the left tailgate locks into place allowing the right tailgate to open independently for working calves.
  • NEW: Left Tailgate Adjustment allows independent locking adjustment to the left tailgate when the Tailgate Locking Pin is engaged.
  • NEW: Right Tailgate Adjustment allows independent adjustment to the right tailgate as needed.
  • Easy to use Tailgate handle opens and closes the tailgate.
  • Work everything from one side.
  • Removable bottom access panels located on each side for safe access while working on the lower part of the animal.
  • Infinite locking system thats guaranteed for life, and adjustable floating floor that can be set to five different widths, rolling split tail gate, a side sorting exit and more.
  • Five contoured upper side panels on ech side of the chute with gravity latches.
  • Squeeze function uses infinite locking system technology; allows a perfect fit for every size animal, with multiple points of access.
  • Standard side exit for sorting or emergency use with an “easy p
  • ull” lever return handle.
  • Head chain restraint (includes head chain).
  • Pin connectors on the back frame allow for easy connection to Priefert Rough Stock Panels with no special connector needed.
  • Architectural grade powder coat finish with UV inhibitors. HG10 Dip Painted.
  • Optional wishbone carriage and carriage receiver (required for transport) call 888 337 7787 or 765 537 3143.