Squeeze Chute S04


Model S04 Squeeze Chute is the best chute Priefert has made.  If you are looking for a chute that takes the “work” out of working cattle, look no further.

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Model S04 is Longer Taller and with more features.  This chute is “Easy on the Cowboy or Cowgirl” and “Easy on the Cow”.  With a patented infinite locking system (guaranteed for life), cattle are always controlled by the lock rather than by strength of the operator.  Never before has a manual squeeze chute been so easy to operate.  A single individual can control the tailgate, headgate, squeeze and side exit from one spot with minimal effort.

Product Features of Model S04

  • Five contoured upper side panels on each side of the chute with gravity latches.
  • Floating floor width adjustment allows floor to be adjusted in seconds with the pull of an overhead lever. No digging through mud and manure.
  • Comes standard with an Automatic/Manual Headgate (HG91).
  • Headgate locks and side squeeze locks are guaranteed for life.
  • Maximum neck access allows greater convenience for preferred injection sites.
  • Overhead squeeze lever pulls down parallel to the chute so its not in the operators way while working cattle.
  • Removable bottom access panel on both side of the chute.
  • Squeeze function uses infinite locking system technology allowing a perfect fit or every size animal.
  • Standard side exit for sorting or emergency use with an easy pull lever handle.
  • Split tailgate with dual controls
  • Calf only entry selection is available on every chute by simply pulling a pin located on top of the tailgate.
  • 5 year limited warranty on workmanship & materials.
  • Optional wishbone carriage and carriage receiver (required for transport).
  • Dip Painted: Priefert Blue

Additional information

Weight1200 lbs