B&W Trailer Hitches Biker Bar MC2302- Compatible with Harley Davidson Softtail, Dyna, and V-Rod Models


MC2302 — Biker Bar for Harley Davidson Softail, Dyna, V-Rod Bikes

B&W Trailer Hitches


MC2302 B&W Biker Bar

Biker Bar is a totally unique concept and a complete departure from the cumbersome straps, chocks, and bolt-on systems that can be ineffective, unsightly and cause damage to paint, chrome and leather finishes.

Your motorcycle’s suspension is not stressed. When the rider dismounts, the bike’s suspension system remains slightly compressed, exerting just the right amount of upward pressure to maintain rigid stability without stressing the suspension components. A bike secured with a Biker Bar becomes an extension of the trailer’s suspension system, instead of amplifying it as an active bike suspension system would. Let your trailer suspension do the work.

  • Load and Unload your Harley Davidson in less than a minute by yourself. No assistance needed.
  • Drive over steep, pitched terrain with your bike securely latched
  • Adjustable clamping bar with neoprene lined clamps prevent scratches
  • Always remove clamping bar when not trailering
  • Latching system easily unbolts from the trailer without crawling underneath, freeing up your trailer for other things
  • Can be mounted in your garage for safely storing your bike
  • Works with all Harley Davidson motorcycles with factory painted frames
  • Six 1/4″ increments of vertical adjustment to accommodate different motorcycle models
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

MC2302 – Harley Davidson Softail, Dyna, V-Rod

Diameter Frame Tube: 1.25″ – 1.375″
Width: 10″ – 14.5″

Model CodeModel Name
FXSSuper Glide Low Rider
FXSBSuper Glide Low Rider – Belt
FXBSuper Glide Sturgis
FXEFSuper Glide Fat Bob
FXRSuper Glide Rubber Mount
FXRPSuper Glide Police
FXRSSuper Glide Rubber Mount Sport
FXRS-SPSuper Glide – Low Rider Sport
FXRS-CONSuper Glide – Low Rider Sport Convertible
FXRCSuper Glide – Low Glide Custom
FXRDSuper Glide – Sport Glide Grand Touring
FXRDGSuper Glide – Disc Glide
FXRTSuper Glide – FXR Touring Sport Glide
FXRT/PSuper Glide – Sport Glide Police
FXLRSuper Glide – Low Rider Custom
FXLR-FXSuper Glide – Low Rider Evolution
FXWGSuper Glide – Wide Glide
FXCWSoftail Rocker
FXCWCSoftail Rocker Custom
FXSTSoftail Standard
FXSTCSoftail Custom
FXSTSSpringer Softail
FXSTDSoftail Deuce
FXSTBSoftail Night Train
FXSTSBSoftail Bad Boy
FLSTHeritage Softail
FLSTFSoftail Fat Boy
FLSTCHeritage Softail Classic
FLSTSHeritage Springer Softail
FLSTSCSoftail Springer Classic
FLSTNHeritage Softail Special – Nostalgia Deluxe
FXDDyna Super Glide
FXDBDyna Glide – Super Bob
FXDB-DDyna Glide Daytona – Belt
FXDB-SDyna Glide Sturgis – Belt
FXDCDyna Glide Custom
FXDFDyna -Fat Bob
FXDGDyna Glide Sturgis
FXDS-CONDyna Glide Convertible
FXDXTDyna Super Glide T Sport
FXDLDyna Low Rider
FXDXDyna Super Glide Sport
FXDWGDyna Wide Glide
VRSCAV-Rod with additional Options
VRSCBBasic V-Rod
VRSCRV-Rod Street Rod
VRSCDV-Rod Night Rod
VRSCDXV-Rod Night Rod Special