Kiser Dragmaster Arena Ground Work


The Kiser Dragmaster is trusted to maintain the arenas at National and International shows such as the American Quarter Horse Congress, the World Equestrian Games, NRHA Futurity, Fort Worth Stock show and many more!

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Kiser DragMaster™ – The Most Sophisticated Arena Drag

The Kiser DragMaster™ is the most respected arena drag in the world. Used and recommended by the AQHA, NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA, APHA and many of the industry’ top horsemen. No other arena drag is used more by major associations and shows than the DragMaster™.

Revolutionary Design & Industry Exclusive Features:

Motor Grader Style Ground Plane: The pull behind design offers a long distance between the tractor wheels and the DragMaster wheels. The leveling blade sits in between these wheels creating the perfect ground plane that is critical for level consistent footing. Independently Controlled Hydraulic Leveling Blade: This hydraulic grading system is independent from the frame and other ground engaging components. This enables precision leveling without changing the conditioning depth. 300 – 500 Gallon Watering System: Evenly distributes up to 500 gallons of water with variable flow control from the seat of the tractor. This is the largest capacity on the market. Profile Blade Technology: Profile Blades loosen 100% of the arena footing with every pass eliminating ridging. Independently Controlled Components: All ground conditioning components are independent from one another to offer the user absolute control over the footing. Read more about these features below.Kiser Dragmaster Design


Hydraulic Grading / Leveling Blade:

The grading blade of the DragMaster is hydraulically controlled from the seat of the tractor. This blade operates independently from the main frame, which allows the operator to control the amount of material being moved without adjusting the rest of the action of the DragMaster. Because the distance between the DragMaster’s axle and the back tires of the tractor create a “ground plane” and because the grading blade is in the middle of this “ground plane”, keeping an arena perfectly level has never been easier. The DragMaster’s grading blade is curved which makes the footing material roll forward, has closed ends to keep footing material on the blade and has an adjustable cylinder on one side of the blade, which allows for grading a crowned arena.

Hydraulic Grading Blade

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Dragmaster Size

8ft, 10ft

Water Tank

No Water Tank, 300 gal water tank, 500 gal water tank