Fly Free Insect Protection Leggings


Fly Free Protection Leggings/Boots for Horses against Insect Bites.  American Made for Quality at an Affordable Price. One Size fits All with adjustable closure.  Stay On Technology. CHEMICAL FREE

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Fly Free Insect Protection Boots are Made in America by Americans to provide your Horse with the highest quality against biting insects.  Fly Free Boots allow your horse to be free from sprays on their legs where they can lick and ingest harmful chemicals.  Our American Made Boots allow your horse to be stress free against repetitive impacts on joints from stomping.  Fly Free Boots have “Stay On” Technology.  Order yours today or call us at 888-337-7787

    • Prevents insect bites and botfly eggs on horses legs
    • Reduces joint inflammation, hoof wear, shoe wear from repetitive stomping
    • “Stay On” Velcro Fasteners (no more pasture hunts)
    • Prevents horses prone to Scratches by keeping morning dew off horse legs
    • Prevents Horse from ingesting chemicals in fly spray put on legs
    • Allows air flow and protection to leg wounds
    • Mesh material is anti microbial
    • Loose fitting for horse comfort and blood flow
    • Upright stays prevent Fly Free Boot sagging
    • We are MADE IN THE USA (the other leading brands are foreign made)
    • “One Size Fits All” horses with adjustable bottom fit
    • Pony sizes coming soon
    • Find us at,,, and other Leading Equine Retail Stores or call 888-337-7787


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