B&W Mineral Feeder Upright Blaze Twister B&W Mineral Feeder Upright Blaze Twister


The Blaze Twister is an excellent addition to any pasture or farm.  It helps fulfill all your mineral needs.  Its heavy-duty, 16-gauge square base prevents tipping–no, not the cow kind–and a quick drive-by is all it takes to see if its empty.

Part Number  PT19023



  • Sturdy tubular steel frame holds rugged polyethylene tub
  • Formed polyethylene hood prevents corrosion
  • Large 16 gauge square base for stability
  • Rotates freely with built-in wind vane to keep weather out
  • Face fly oiler attachment available
  • 47″ Base Diameter
  • 100 Pound Tub Capacity
  • 22″ Tub Height
  • Weighs 42 Pounds
  • PT19023

Oversized hod designed to rotate with the slightest breeze and protects the mineral from the elements. Pest doom oiler mounting brakets are available. Galvanized base prevents corrosion, and the tub is designed wiithout center shaft to provide full tub access.